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Quality Mark Accreditation: Application Form

Select the applicant organisation from the list of INCA members.
The Organisation must comply with current requirements for an INCA Member in good standing.
The Organisation agrees to comply with best practice in marketing information published about its Networks and their performance. Compliance with current codes and guidelines not only ensures clear and unambiguous information for customers but also ensures the Organisation is in compliance with regulatory requirements.

* OFCOM 2019 Voluntary Codes of Practice for Business, and Residential Broadband Speeds.

** Advertising in the press, on TV, radio and the internet, direct mail, email, website claims, social media and other ads and promotions covered by the ASA are compliant with the ASA codes in general and specifically with the ASA Broadband speed claims guidance 2018.

*** Speed names are compliant with the list of speed names as published by INCA. This includes the definitions used by OFCOM, BDUK and ASA.

The Organisation commits to the highest standard of Customer Care. The Organisation has:

* The Customer Code of Practice for Complaints Handling must be compliant with OFCOM General Condition 4 including Alternative Dispute Resolution.

The Network is a Next Generation Network which allows Next Generation Access services to be supplied to the wholesale and/or retail sector. (NGN and NGA as defined by BDUK and EU Guidelines 2013). The Network:

* and the backhaul is close enough to user premises to guarantee the very high speed.

(The current definition of NGA includes FTTx (FTTC, FTTN, FTTP, FTTH, FTTB), advanced upgraded cable at least DOCSIS 3.0 and advanced wireless access networks capable of reliable high speeds per subscriber.)

In addition to committing to the above Common Criteria, the Organisation commits that the Network/s meet/s the following criteria for the relevant Category.

Is this application for a single Network category or multiple Networks in different categories?
Identify the network types for which accreditation is being sought in this application.
The Network is wholly optical from the core network to the building of the subscriber. This includes Fibre to the Premise and Fibre to the Building to be consistent with the definitions used by the Fibre to the Home Council.

(FTTP – Premise and FTTH – Home are functionally equivalent terms.)

The Network is optical from the core network to a connection node, from which a technology other than fibre or wireless connects to the premise of the subscriber.

(Qualifying networks include DOCSIS 3.0 and above, FTTC and FTTN.)

The Network is an Advanced Wireless Access network. The Network:
The Wholesale Network offers services on an equal, open access basis to customers using best practice in commercial and technical methods. It complies with the criteria as detailed in our guidance document here as confirmed by ticking each box below:
As this application covers Multiple Categories, please tell us how the different Networks can be identified so that the correct Logo can be associated with the relevant Category when used. INCA is happy to discuss this as part of the application.
Please provide any additional information that will aid in identifying different networks.


By submitting this form, I declare I am authorised by my Organisation to apply for Accreditation for the above Networks, to commit to the fees payable and to act as the responsible contact for matters concerning the Scheme.

Please select the relevant fee option for this application.
I confirm that the above Networks comply with all criteria for the appropriate Category(ies) as detailed in the full INCA Quality Mark Gold Standard Scheme. I agree that the Organisation will pay the relevant fees (fees must be paid before Accreditation or renewal can be granted.) A single fee covers all Accreditation requests in the period.